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Reclaim your Mac's function keys

I like the media keys on my MacBook keyboard - just not all of them. Fat-fingered that I am, I regularly skip tracks when I just want to pause or mute. Disabling all of the keys just won't do, because I use the brightness and volume keys every day.

FunctionFlip individually controls your MacBook or MacBook Pro's function keys, turning special keys back to regular F-keys, or vice-versa. FunctionFlip is a preference pane; you'll find it in the "Other" category in System Preferences.

How To Use FunctionFlip

FunctionFlip's purpose is simply to disable the special features — rewind, play, mute, etc. — on the function keys. For example, if you "flip" F7, F8, and F9, those keys — only those keys — will revert back to normal F keys. Press the fn key with the special key to get the special function back. That is, the "special" and "normal" functions are flipped.

To assign a custom shortcuts to your reclaimed keys, use a program like Quicksilver or Keyboard Maestro.

FunctionFlip supports all MacBooks and MacBook Pros and most Apple external keyboards, iBooks, and PowerBooks.


Known Bugs

Download FunctionFlip

Having trouble with FunctionFlip on OS X Yosemite? Check out this excellent video guide from Friend-of-the-'Flip Charlie Wilkinson.

FunctionFlip is free and open source. Source code available on Github.

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Using OS X 10.7 Lion or newer? Read these helpful tips from TUAW

How to uninstall FunctionFlip


**Upgrading from version 1.0 or 1.1?** You'll want to read this important information.

1.0 (9 July 2008): First release

1.1 (20 August 2008): Support for more keyboard layouts, plus new icons by Lorenzo Orlandi

1.2 (13 September 2008): FunctionFlip is now a System Preferences pane.

1.3 (13 October 2008): Expose and Dashboard keys can now be flipped. Modifier keys (Command, Alt, etc.) are passed for flipped keys. Added an About box.

2.0 (27 December 2008): Multiple keyboard support. Fixed F1 and F2 keys on external keyboards.

2.0.1 (27 September 2009): Snow Leopard support.

2.0.2 (28 September 2009): Fix an issue where FunctionFlip may stop working on 10.6.

2.1 (22 May 2010): Stop alert sounds with flipped keys.

2.2 (15 August 2011): Launchpad key support; Bluetooth connection fixes; bug fixes.

2.2.2 (25 June 2013): Mavericks support.

2.2.3 (23 July 2015): Support Yosemite and newer Mac keyboards.

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