On schedule, off your mind

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You've discovered an ancient relic from the mists of early time. miniTimer was built for years-old versions of macOS, and may no longer work as described. This page mostly exists as an artifact.

miniTimer is an unobtrusive, lightweight timer for Mac OS X. Sitting quietly at the edge of your screen, miniTimer keeps on you on schedule without being in your face.

Barely in Sight, Barely in Mind

miniTimer is seriously low-profile: just a thin bar at any edge of your screen, and optionally translucent. miniTimer is never more than a glance away, but won't bother you when you've got more on your mind.

Works the Way You Work

In addition to standard OS X alerts, miniTimer can notify you when your time is up via Growl notifications. Plus, miniTimer is scriptable with AppleScript, for integration with Automator and other time-saving tools.


miniTimer on the desktop:

miniTimer Screenshot 1

Default Growl notification:

miniTimer Screenshot 2